Monday, October 27, 2008

The Missing Artefacts

In my saner moments i think i must be mad

Mind-boggling philosophies that'd dethrone Nietzche
Shed blood at the altar of paradigms.

No hoax, this sacrifice.

Clinging to roots that clutch
And to the steel bar with a toe on the footboard
While eyes dart frantically
Now the clock, now the milk about to spill over,
Now the name boards on the superfasts.
Wincing at the ‘over’ signal
Of the BPL washing machine,
Jumping out of the skin
At the whistle of the pressure cooker.

Seismic rumblings erupt and flow
Into shapeless scorching lava.
No moulds to trap the molten flow
Into Artefacts.

Words fail.

In my saner moments I think I must be mad.

Written on July 11, 1994


Macadamia The Nut said...

You've totally summed up the madness which marks the beginning of each crazy new day

The Happy Human Jellyfish said...


two posts!!


This is gonna be fun!

Shravan Vijayaprasad said...

Hey.. :) That was nice:) Nice to meet you! Keep it going:):)

Shravan Vijayaprasad said...

@ divya, you supposed to study rite?? ;):p!

Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

My stupid mind still cannot grab the sense of the poem. Can you elucidate?

And welcome to the blogger world :)

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

@ all
thanks for visiting
@twisted elegance
the cutting down of the creativity of a woman by social structures? the painful choice a woman makes to coform