Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Friend's Visit

Like a reminder of my lost world
she came

All the way

Forenoon was music time
A new picture emerged
as music released memories
of her lost world

of a little mallu girl in Borneo
peeping through her window
watching people dance
in the forbidden world
as Frank and Nancy Sinatra crooned
‘Something Stupid’

She enjoyed my biriyani
which was not my best
Then from the beach
we watched the sea

And then she said
‘Confront yourself
how long can you hide from yourself?
Your tete a tete with death
write it down
all of it”

True, I told myself
all of us have a tale to tell
but do I want to tell mine?

She left by the evening train

I was touched.
Coming all the way
just to see me

‘Tell your story’
her words kept coming back to me
To be rid of them niggling at my brain
I started my story


Rahul Nair said...

when do we get to know the story???

P. Venugopal said...

Beautiful...has a momentum of its own, moving forward, pressing forward, quite definite in diction, graceful and tangible...I know you know what I mean.

Gaurav Jain said...

every word has been chosen just miraculously ..!!

workhard said...

Hi.. nice poem.. and i really love that song 'something stupid' i could never write poetry this well..

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sujata sengupta said...

thanks for stopping by the blog..your poetry is marvellous. Why is your blog not updated? Dont you write anymore..will wait for more..

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

i am more regular with my pareltank blog.try this:

i have 3 blogs

thanks for visiting my blog