Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breaking the Magic Wand

They ask me how it feels
the day after

Does it hurt?
do you miss it all?

The routine. the role,
the camaraderie
the feel of belonging.

The burden, the deadlines.

The young minds – impressionable
the puzzled frown
the joy of the idea
the starry excitement
the faces volatile as knowledge unfolds

Do I miss all that?

Strangely enough, no.

Didn’t I love it all?
I ask myself.
Where, then, are the pangs?

Ripeness is all.
Stoicism born of a second lease of life !

Life -
to be celebrated
till the last breath

Every change brings a new horizon

So, how does it feel
the day after?

Serene as I scan the new skies
words falling around me like pleasant showers
‘you gave better than your best, mom’.
‘really m'am, we are proud to be your kids - we treasure your classes – sorry if we let you down – thank you’

What more can I ask?

Posted first on on Wednesday, July 02, 2008, the day after i retired from service.


P. Venugopal said...

i read this two days ago but wanted to read and feel it before writing this. i retire at 60, which means i have seven more years on the job. frankly, i am looking forward to the day. it has been a long haul aready--32 years, can you believe it! how one's job consumes one's life! we have done our bit, haven't we? we also need to sit down and see what the whole thing is about. no pang, nothing. just the silence to see the whole thing in perspective, gather oneself together, and begin all afresh. a truthful and well-crafted poem.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

@ veugopal


'can you believe it! how one's job consumes one's life!'
true, but humans are richer for being consumed thus. just think of the vacum without it.

One can 'begin afresh' only after one is consumed.

Roomy Naqvy said...

Your poems and writings are fascinating. I did see your other blogs too,Pareltank and Rage to be, and I even saw your 'bio link' but I did not find any link to your email. I do understand that one needs to keep one's email address quiet when one is outspoken. I teach English literature, grammar and translation,and write a bit too. It is good to connect with sensible people.

I found your posts very sensitive on a variety of subjects, including Narendra Modi, who recently contracted swine flu, of all things.

You can track a bit of me through and more by emailing me at

Kush said...

I dunno who you are - and I am reading your blog too for the first time - but from what I gather - you are waiting an impending death?

I wish I had been your student - I take it you taught Eng. Lit.? Whatever it is you taught - I am sure you were a GREAT teacher - I am as sure of that as am sure of what I write in my poems.

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

@ rhett
no. i'm not witing impending death, tho at one time i did. am cured of a deadly disease. here's the blog about that experience in my life.

thanks for the nice words.