Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Outside the college gate

He sits

Fingers, toes and nose


Burnt out, though

A malady

That haunts.

Children driven away from the gates

Purification of gates infected by their touch.

'The sickening sweet smell'

of the valley in Ben-hur

The mythical ailment

That felled Paul Gauguin.

But he smiles

Outside the college gate

Young ones of now

Exchange pleasantries with him

Provide flowers

For the glass tumbler.

Hibiscus and Cosmos

Beam from glass tumbler

Half full with water.

Some parcel breakfast for him

Others lunch

Or snacks.

But my friend and colleague

Talks to him

As she talks to me.

Subtly notes his needs

Clothes, blankets


Notices his absence

Outside the college gate

Wonders, worries

Shares anxiety with me

Happy when he turns up

“At least, he’s not lying somewhere


Unseen, unsung, uncared ”, she says.

I judged you once

My friend.

Forgive me.

You taught me

To leave Judgement

To the extra terrestrial.


Balachandran V said...

'Thou shall not judge',uh? Being un-judgmental is an attitude, a sign of wisdom. But a shade of cynicism would be good. For survival.

Anjuli said...

I loved the rhythm of this- and the message behind it. If more of us would learn not to jump to conclusions and judge- this world would be a very different place.

Anjuli said...

I miss your poetic verses.