Thursday, February 3, 2011

The return of the enemy

When the dreaded foe resurfaced

My heart crashed against the ribs

Knocking me down.

But soon I picked myself up

And the ground steadied beneath me,

And I faced the foe.

The apparition which had petrified me

Was now but a shadow of what he was

The first time

He’d been demystified.

His cards were exposed

And my reserves I’d discovered.

I mocked him.

You can kill only me

You can’t touch my spirit


Anjuli said...

Excellent. I loved your final lines- they are so true- No one has the power over our spirit- that one thing gives us such strength!

Randhir Singh Suman said...


P. Venugopal said...

i saw this poem only now, madam. you have demystified it.

Tripthi Battapadi said...

OH Wow!!

Lovely expressions!

Especially the last lines...!


Pranavam Ravikumar said...

Absolutely Nice...! Its after a long time, I am peeping into a blog from Trivandrum.

soulsearchingdays said...

fabulous.. those lines echo of a strong will..

Haddock said... can't touch my spirit